What is Embossing?

We offer an in house embossing service, giving you the opportunity to personalise your purchases. Embossing comes in four styles, Blind (no colour fill), Black, Gold and Silver and costs £7 per letter with a cap at £28 for 4 or more. A break down and local currency conversions can be seen below.

Please allow an additional 3 working days for purchases to be embossed or personalised. Please also be aware that items that have been embossed cannot be refunded or exchanged.


Unless stated, we can emboss your purchase in the centre of the front flap with the following letters and symbols. The location of embossing on all other products is outlined in the description on the individual product pages:

- The Latin alphabet (A - Z, capital and lower case letters).

- The following symbols: Æ Œ ë & * = + - ? ! # 

Please note symbol heights and position vary.

If these symbols are incorporated then you can request an embossing sample image to be sent by email in advance of purchasing.


Some small accessories may be embossed with up to three letters in the Blind style.

NB.  All letters are evenly spaced unless requested otherwise. Capital letters are approximately 1cm in height.

However, due to the shape of some letters containing angles and curves (example: A,W,Y,V etc.) they may appear to have wider spaces – this is not the case. Please note the spacing and height of your embossing may not be identical to that displayed on your order details as each character is on an individual metal block. Every effort is made to ensure the embossing looks as well spaced and aligned as possible.

Please be aware that the number of characters on some styles are restricted due to the size and shape of the bag.


Cost Breakdown

There is a charge of £7 per letter for upper and lower case. Maximum charge of £28. Please see below for a breakdown of this;

1 Letter - £7.00 - $10 - €9 - ¥69

2 Letters - £14.00 - $20 - €18 - ¥138

3 Letters - £21.00 - $30 - €27 - ¥207

4 to 8 Letters - £28.00 - $40 - €36 - ¥276

Heart, Sheep/Ram, Horse Symbol (one per bag) - £7.00 - $10 - €9 - ¥69

Bicycle Symbol (one per bag) - Free


Embossing Examples


Black Embossing - Eaxmple on green  Black Embossing - Eaxmple on brown


Blind Embossing - Eaxmple on green  Blind Embossing - Eaxmple on red


Gold Embossing - Eaxmple on black  Gold Embossing - Eaxmple on red


Silver Embossing - Eaxmple on green  Silver Embossing - Eaxmple on brown



Symbol Embossing

Each of the symbols available - Horse, Ram, Bicycle and Heart - can be placed either on the front centre of the top flap or on the right hand corner of the top flap. Please see below for how the embossing can appear on your bag depending on which options you select.

Costs of symbol embossing can be seen above.


Available Symbols

From left to right - Heart, Horse, Bicycle, Ram and Star



Available Colours

From top to bottom – Silver, Gold, Black and Blind



Front Middle

Without Text - Symbol will appear centred

With Text – Symbol will appear above the text

Front Right

Without Text - Symbol will appear on the right

With Text – Symbol will appear on the right and the text will be centred



Style Exemption

Unfortunately due to size, design and leather some of our products cannot be embossed. Please see below for a list of the styles that are exempt to personalised embossing:


The Peanuts Collection

Expedition Satchels

All Envelopes

Leather Notebooks

Pencil Case


We apologise for any inconvenience that this might cause.