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Mothering Sunday - Classic With A Twist

Cambridge Satchel - Mothering Sunday

By Julie Deane OBE, Founder and CEO of The Cambridge Satchel Company

In preparing to write this I started reading about Mother’s Day – the grand issue of the positioning of the apostrophe being a driver. In fact the apostrophe should be before the s, as the day was established to celebrate the greatest mother you have known – your mother, rather than be a blanket celebration and in fact as I am writing from Britain I should be calling it Mothering Sunday as Mother’s Day is the US day which is, of course, in May.

So, having established that this is already not as easy I had thought I feel I can employ that much used phrase “A twist on a classic” and how I choose to celebrate a mother is by recognizing that she is so much more, it’s all a question of hats.

Mothering Sunday, as well as Mother’s Day, is more than 100 years old – how things have changed in that time. Many of us are now free to have careers and enjoy real choice, we vote, we get involved. We wear so many more hats – I am a mother of two wonderful teenagers, but I am also a daughter, a friend, a CEO, a founder, a woman with interests, passions and projects.

So on this special day – whatever you choose to call it and however you choose to mark it, please do your mother the honour of recognizing that she is a remarkable person, with all that involves. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give her (and yourself) is to spend time with her and find out how she has grown, who she is and celebrate together.

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