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Small Pleasures to Brighten Winter

Small Pleasures to Brighten Winter

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We know the first few months of the year can feel especially long; still in the throes of winter, but without the joyous distractions of the festive season. So we’re all about the simple, small pleasures that require minimal effort or expenditure but deliver a much-needed dose of joy. Below, our suggestions for a few ways to brighten these last days of winter hibernation: 

1. Read more books.

Our new year’s resolution is to switch off more in the evenings in favour of actually working through our stack of books (we’ve even started a book exchange in the office to share all the books we’ve read). 

2. Light a beautifully-scented candle when you get home every evening.

We know we’re biased, but we adore our new Cambridge Life candle, which smells of all the things we love about Cambridge - earl grey tea and old books and fresh air and gardens in the spring. 

3. Buy some beautiful flowers.

for yourself (or someone whose day needs brightening) from the market. Pretty ranunculi, daffodils and white narcissi are all in season and will bring instant cheer for just a few pounds.

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4. Drink more tea.

We’re trying to replace our morning coffee habit with some delicious new teas instead. Tea can’t solve everything, but there are few situations that can’t be improved by a cup of tea.

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5. Upgrade your scratchy old jumpers and scarves.

for the snuggliest cashmere versions that you will love for years to come (and which only get softer with age). We promise our new Cambridge Life cashmere scarves will be the biggest and softest versions you will own (bonus points for doubling as a personal security blanket on planes / trains).

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6. Practice random acts of kindness often.

Do something lovely or charitable for someone else just because. Send a letter to someone who made you smile, buy a coffee for your co-worker who’s having a long week, or let someone go in front of you in a queue. 

7. Visit a gallery. 

Here in the UK, we are blessed to have so many of the world’s best galleries and museums right on our doorstep, and mostly free to visit. Why not gather a friend and pay a visit to an exhibition or a museum you haven’t explored before.

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