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9 Types of Bag Every Man Should Have on His Shoulder

9 Types of Bag Every Man Should Have on His Shoulder

Forgive the generalisation, but we’re guessing your father probably complained about the number of bags your mother had. While he used the same battered duffle for everything, your mother took up prime real estate at the bottom of the wardrobe with shoppers, handbags, clutches and weekenders.

Guess what? Mother was right. You need different types of bags depending on where you’re going, what you’re transporting and who’s going to see you along the way. The same goes for all accessories, including sneakers and watches. You need a rotation if not a full-blown collection.

With that in mind, below we present every stylish type of bag to carry home from your next trip to the shops.

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Laptop Bag

Unless you’re lucky enough to own a luxury timepiece, chances are your laptop is the most expensive thing you tend to cart around with you. With that in mind, keeping it safe and secure is not to be taken lightly, making an all-singing, all-dancing laptop bag is nothing short of essential.

However, not only is a bag a necessity for protecting your computer, it can also serve as an extension of your look. Selecting some stylish luggage to house your laptop can help to complement your outfit or even spice up a boring office outfit.

What To Look For

A laptop bag that’s too small for a laptop is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. Taking this into account, it’s a smart move to know the dimensions of your computer before you go shopping.

Added extras like zip compartments for chargers, places to keep documents and padded shoulder straps can all come in handy too so make sure to check the specs before you part with your cash.

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