Our story started back in 2008 with a great story. Since then, our fans have messaged us, emailed us and called us to share the story of their satchel; how they got it in the first place and the adventures they've been on together.
This sparked the idea for #CSCstories
We're asking you to get in touch to tell us the story of you and your bag - email us (stories@cambridgesatchel.com), tweet us, send us a message on Facebook, tag us on Instagram - it means so much to us to hear your stories!
Here are a few of our favourite stories from over the years that will hopefully get you inspired to share yours.
"They'll send us photos in of'oh,it's arrived, look - snap,a photo on a phone of it arriving' and 'snap,here it is because it's been so beautifully wrapped' and 'snap, here I am wearing it, this is what I wore with it and this is where I went with it. There was somebody who took a photograph of somebody proposing to his girlfriend in Central Park in New York with a Cambridge Satchel on her lap. Thats a great story, isnt it.
- Julie Deane, Founder & CEO


Julies first ever CSC was a gift from someone very important.


"I've been a tattooist since 2008 and 2013 was my lucky year - I married my husband who convinced me I could open my own tattoo business. It took several months, it seemed never-ending. Once we opened the doors to our small, private studio in October 2013, I wanted to treat myself to mark the occasion. I purchased a large dark blue satchel, with 'Secret Society-Tattoo Atelier' invisible embossed logo on the front. After a few years of working hard, I once again treated myself to a two year milestone: a baby blue Mini Satchel with 'T.C.B.' embossed; Taking Care of Business! It reminds me to always keep an eye on business as well as keep on having fun".
Beany, Secret Society Tattoo
"My bag is really special to me. I'm from Italy and my boyfriend (who is also Italian) studies in England. I went to Cambridge, where he lives, for summer and in that time we celebrated our 5th anniversary and he gave me a satchel something Ive always wanted its now my favourite one. It was my companion on all my summer adventures with my boyfriend and now that I've come back to Italy, even though it's difficult to stay so far, every time I wear it, always reminds me about my love, our summer together and the wonderful time we had in that amazing city."
Chiara Colucci
"On discovering The Cambridge Satchel Company, I was reminded of my first school satchel and I loved the idea of the updated range in fresh colours. To help me through cancer treatment, I set myself various goals, one of which was to treat myself to a Cambridge Satchel on returning to employment and receiving my first full pay packet. My satchel is great for work and casual and I love the admiration from friends and colleagues! If cancer has taught me anything it is drink the wine, eat the biscuits and buy the bag! Next time I am going brighter!"
Ellen Lee
"She really loves her bag and adores showing it off. Thank you for giving mum something that gives her such a warm sense of nostalgia and gave her a target when she wasn't feeling great."
Ellen's daughter Zoe
"I am a Secondary school teacher and frequently at the end of a school year students will give me a present to show their gratitude for the support theyve received over the year. Last year, my sixth form Philosophy class surprised me by joining together to get me a Cambridge Satchel purse to match my six Cambridge Satchel bags. Not only was it a complete surprise, but theyd filled the box with my favourite chocolate too. Its by far the most thoughtful present Ive ever received and is used every single day."
Heather Fieldgate





Around the world with her 11 Classic Satchel in tow.



CSC fans share photos of our bags on their adventures.