The Saddle Collection


Q&A with Catriona Forsyth, Designer, and Rose McNamara, Product Development Manager


How did the idea to create the Saddle Collection come about?

“We get a huge amount of inspiration from looking at traditional English leather-craft, especially vintage satchels. We loved the way that the traditional saddle leather these bags were made from ages over time and each bag develops its own unique patina. These qualities were what motivated us to create a new line of bags in a beautiful traditional saddle leather.”


How long did it take to bring the collection to life, from initial idea to product in store?

“We’ve been working on these bags for close to a year, as it was so important to find the perfect leather and develop the right colours.”


What is the inspiration behind the different colourways?

“We used a heritage, equestrian-inspired colour palette, including rich dark brown, grey, burgundy and ochre.”


What is the inspiration behind the different styles?

“As well as including our classic 11’’, 13’’ and 14’’ Satchels in the new saddle leather, we’ve also designed a new Pocket Tote and new Pocket Clutch shape. These new shapes are inspired by the traditional tab and buckle details of our satchels but with a twist – a new front pocket detail.”


What’s special about the Saddle Collection bags and accessories?
“The fact that each individual bag will develop a unique identity is what makes this collection so special. The leather is vegetable tanned using an old-fashioned recipe using natural fats and oils. This gives the leather a beautiful look and smell, and allows it to develop a natural patina and to look better and better as time goes by.”


What’s your favourite Saddle Collection style and colour, and why?

“Definitely the Pocket Tote in Burgundy – we love the ease of a tote – the ease of access, and the fact that the depth allows so many items to fit inside – from gym kit to daily essentials. The burgundy is such a wonderfully rich colour too – and it goes with everything.”


What can we look forward to next season from the Saddle Collection?

“We’re so happy with the amazing leather and colours that we’re developing this collection for next season with more new styles. We can’t divulge too much now, but these are also inspired by a historical bag, and are launching in the summer.”