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Get What You Want, When You Want

Delivered By Carryr

What is the Carryr delivery option?

Carryr takes care of the end-to-end delivery experience and gives you the flexibility to schedule the delivery of your order in a time that suits you — even in as little as 60 minutes after placing your order with us.

When you shop with us, select the Carryr delivery option for the delivery experience you really deserve.

How it works

1. Fall in love with our products, add what you want to your bag and go to checkout to finalise your purchase

2. Enter a delivery address, then select the Carryr delivery option when it appears (eligibility is subject to location — if you see it appear, you’re eligible)

3. Once your order has been placed and prepared, you’ll be sent a link via email to schedule the delivery. Just schedule it and relax!


Who is Carryr?
Carryr is a UK-based technology company focused on building a better end-to-end delivery experience for online fashion consumers and retailers — giving you the delivery experience you truly deserve.

Why can't I see the Carryr delivery option?
Carryr is only supported in certain locations, if you can’t see the Carryr delivery option then, unfortunately, your delivery location is not yet supported.

Are there any limitations on delivery times?
Currently, Carryr only delivers during the opening times of our stores, please check the available times when scheduling the delivery of your orders. The good news is that the Carryr delivery experience will be available every day of the week!

When can I schedule a delivery?
Once we have prepared the order, Carryr will let you know when scheduling becomes available (typically, within one hour after the order has been placed).

What happens if I’m not able to accept delivery?
The beauty of being able to schedule the delivery in a time that suits you means that you should only select a time when you’re actually going to be present — no more missed deliveries (yay!).

What happens if an item within my order gets damaged or lost in transit?
On the rare occasion that this could happen, please contact Carryr directly at — for your peace of mind, your order is completely insured!

I have been asked to go to a Carryr site to schedule the delivery, is this correct?
Yes. Once you have completed your purchase with us with the Carryr delivery option enabled, you’ll receive an email from Carryr, which will include a link where you’ll be able to schedule all of your deliveries powered by Carryr.

I have more questions regarding delivery, how do I get in touch?
Simple. Just drop an email to Carryr at — they’re always happy to talk!

For more information on Carryr, you can visit their website here

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