Why own a coin purse?

Although more and more of us are choosing to use Apple Pay and contactless payments, we are all still inevitably left with loose change from time to time.

We all know the frustration of having a handful of loose change in your pocket and trying to keep track of it all. This is where a leather coin purse can come in handy. Let’s find out why they have been a staple accessory for so many years…

Let’s start by defining what a coin purse is.

A coin purse is a small, pouch-like accessory which can be used to hold coins and other small items you might have. Typically, coin purses are made from leather (our material of choice!) or fabric and can be carried in a pocket or bag.

Coin purses can vary in design: some might have a clasp or a zipper to keep them secure, while others might be an open pouch. They can come in a range of different sizes and colours, and while some are simple, functional and practical, others are more decorative and fashionable.

Our small envelope-shaped Mini Purses are the best of both worlds. Handcrafted in the UK by our leather makers, they are embellished with our logo and sealed with a Sam Browne stud which keeps the contents secure.

History of the coin purse

Coin purses have been used for centuries, dating back to ancient civilizations. In fact, in ancient Greece and Rome, women carried small leather pouches called “kredemnos” to hold their coins and other small items.

During Medieval times, coin purses were altered slightly, and were often made of metal and worn on a belt.

Along came the 17th and 18th centuries, when coin purses started to become more and more popular due to coins becoming the most common form of currency. They were mostly created with silk or velvet and adorned with elaborate embroidery or beading.

During the 19th century, coin purses became more popular due to mass production, which made these purses more accessible to the general public, becoming a popular accessory for both men and women and a top choice for a gift to someone.

Today, coin purses are a practical accessory for those who want to keep their loose change organised and easily accessible. They are often used as a fashion statement, with designer brands creating high-end versions made of luxury materials.

Introducing The Cambridge Satchel Co.’s modernisation of the coin purse.

Front shot of the coin purse and open image of the coin purse

We believe in using every last scrap of leather in our workshop to ensure we keep waste to an absolute minimum.

This means our leather coin purses are available in a range of different colours which have been used on our leather bags. Why not get a matching coin purse to go with your new Cambridge Satchel Co. bag?

We have two kinds of purses available. The first is The Mini Purse, a small envelope-shaped purse which is perfectly petite and made from our split leather.

The second is our calf grain Coin Purse. Made from softer, more luxurious leather, this is a premium purse which is part of our Cambridge Line and which is finished with a secure zip.

Add a little something extra… get your coin purse embossed with your initials or a pre-made symbol with our personalisation service.

How we make a leather coin purse.


1. Cut a piece of leather to your desired size for the coin purse. The size will depend on how many coins you want to carry and whether you want to add a clasp or zipper.

2. Fold the leather in half, with the smooth side facing out. Use a ruler and pen to mark where you want to sew the edges together.

3. Use a needle and thread to sew the edges of the leather together, leaving one end open. If you want to add a clasp or zipper, this is the time to do it.

4. Attach a button snap to the open end of the purse to keep the contents secure.

5. Enjoy your new leather coin purse!

Why choose a Cambridge Satchel Co. leather coin purse?

Our makers are what make The Cambridge Satchel Co. what it is today. With over a century’s worth of experience between them, our makers are experts in creating high quality leather coin purses.

Using only the best leather, our Coin Purses and Mini Purses will last you a lifetime and carry your loose change for the foreseeable future.

Coin purses are personal to you, which is why you can get your leather coin purse embossed with your initials or a symbol with our personalisation service.