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A little luxury for all kinds of personalities

Creative personality

Artistic and expressive, you have a thirst to create. And a creative mind requires a creative bag. Take a look at our Music Case and explore the Creator’s Pack.

Curious personality

Unassuming bookshops, secret gardens, antiques which have long been forgotten... The curious eye finds mystery in everything. Discover city secrets and wild wonders with the 11 Inch Satchel and explore the Curiosity Collection.

Bold & Brave personalities

For the adventurer, every day is a good day to take risks. Time to take the road less travelled. Time to discover something new. Throw caution to the wind with the Traveller in tow, and explore our Adventurer's Pack.

Outrageous personality

Fun, striking, and downright dazzling. Your zest for life knows no limits. Time to take the tried and tested and take it to new, exciting places. Why opt for the dull and boring when you can try the extraordinary? Let our statement Bowls Bag add flair to your flamboyance and explore the Outrageous Edit.

Classy personality

Time to step out the door and make heads turn. Whether you're channeling Audrey Hepburn's elegance or George Clooney's dashing good looks, your style is sharp and suave. Class is timeless, which means your bag should be too. Explore the Classy Selection.