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Sneak Peek! The Magic of Matilda

Christmas is coming, and so is our latest, much-anticipated collaboration! Just as everybody’s favourite Wormwood appears on our screens in musical form here in the UK, we are preparing to launch our brand new selection of bags and accessories infused with a little bit of Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake magic. 

Before two iconic brands come together in this exciting collaboration, get prepared by hearing all about the new film version of Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical…

The film flew to the top of the UK box office following its release last week, and no wonder. Directed by Matthew Warchus, written by Dennis Kelly and with music by Christopher Nightingale and Tim Minchin, who were all involved in the original award winning musical, this new interpretation sparkles with all the magic and wit of the much-loved book and stage adaptation, but in a brand new colourful cinematic form. Peppered with The Cambridge Satchel Co. backpacks throughout (try and count them!), the film once again brings us back into the grounds of Crunchem Hall…

In a packed-out cinema, we were thrilled to be introduced to a promising cast of future talent such as Irish star Alisha Weir (Matilda Wormwood) and Charlie Hodson (Bruce Bogtrotter), who clearly have a bright career ahead of them. Weir makes for a captivating hero and notably puts on a flawless English accent as she defies authority, sings of the stories she has woven in her head and dances around the set with equal grace and exuberance!

My favourite moments had to be choreographer Ellen Kane’s energetic choreographies and the extraordinary precision with which they were performed by the children. Minchin’s ‘Revolting Children’ as the penultimate number made for a particularly impressive finale full of boisterous vigour. 

A star-studded adult cast includes an unrecognisably monstrous Emma Thompson (Miss Trunchbull) and a tender-hearted Lashana Lynch (Miss Honey), who contrast each other with convincing back-and-forths. Many of the film’s memorable lines come from Miss Trunchbull, and children and adults alike are bound to giggle at her encounter with Lavender (Rei Yamauchi Fulker)’s pet newt… 

 Image by Richard Boll Photography.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical is an enchanting, funny and powerful tale that reminds grown-ups not to underestimate the value of children’s imaginations, and that reminds children that, to change their own story, they may have to take matters into their own hands and stand up against injustice!


Our Matilda Collection will be launching very soon, so keep an eye out online and in stores as a tint of bookish brilliance and revoltingly good style come together as one. In the meantime, find the 14 Inch Batchel Backpack as seen in the film here.

Image by Richard Boll Photography.

‘Matilda: The Musical’ is now in cinemas in the UK and Ireland. Netflix will release the film across the world (excluding the UK & Ireland) on 25th December 2022. Watch the trailer here.