Are leather backpacks good for school?

Most people underestimate the importance of choosing a school bag. Considering that we use this bag most of the week, it’s important we choose the right one for us that will last a long time.

Yes, you could easily buy a bag that is much cheaper, but it’s likely you’ll need to replace it a few times within the year. With a Cambridge Satchel Co. bag, you can expect to have your leather backpack with you for the entirety of your school career, and beyond.

Choosing a school bag should be given the same consideration your parents make when choosing your blazer. You want something that you can grow into and not have to replace on a yearly basis!

3 considerations when choosing a leather backpack.

There are a few things you should consider when buying a new leather backpack for school:

1. How strong is the material?

2. Have you invested in a leather backpack that will last for the foreseeable future?

3. Does it look good, and do you love it?

How strong is the material?

All our leather bags are made from top-quality leather, meaning that you’re buying a bag from us that will last a lifetime.

We purposely choose leather as our material of choice for its long-lasting qualities. Plus, we love how leather ages with time and carries the marks of your school life. Leather resists the tuggings and scribblings of the school day, and if it can survive that, it can survive anything!

In today’s world of fast-fashion and changing trends, we take pride in making products which take time - so that they last a long time. Our bags and accessories pass through the hands of our highly-skilled makers in our very own UK workshop; they ensure that the finished products are of the highest quality.

Not only that; we’ve created a lifetime repairs service for all of our products, so that if you experience any wear and tear, you can send your schoolbag back to us for some TLC in our workshop.

We can do near enough anything, from repairing a lock, replacing a strap or even a complete bag overhaul. All of our bags come with 1 year warranty, which gives you a free of charge repair service for natural breakages and wear and tear.

Will it fit all my school essentials?

Not only do we pride ourselves on creating leather bags that last a lifetime, but also for making bags that hit the mark in terms of spaciousness and sturdiness.

We have many different backpacks, and we’ve rounded up our favourites below with the range of different sizes they come in:

The 14 Inch Batchel Backpack - One size available

Front and back shots of the 14inch Batchel in Oxblood colour
Check out The 14inch Batchel Backpack >

Portrait backpack - standard and small sizes available

The Small Portrait Backpack

Front and back shots of the small portrait backpack in racing green colour
Check out The Small Portrait Backpack >

The Portrait Backpack (standard size)

Front and back shot of the standard size portrait backpack
Discover our standard Portrait Backpack > 

The Steamer Backpack - one size available

Front and back images of The Steamer Backpack in Khaki
Find out more information on our Steamer Backpack > 

The Messenger Backpack - one size available

Front and back images of The Messenger backpack
Discover our Messenger Bag Backpack > 

The Poppy Backpack - one size available

Front and back images of The Poppy Backpack
Discover The Poppy Backpack > 


For school backpacks, we’d recommend purchasing The 14 Inch Batchel Backpack, which is the perfect size for all those books and other essentials.

But what exactly is a Batchel?

We started creating leather bags because our founder, Julie Deane CBE, wanted to recreate her old schoolbag (a satchel) and create something modern and long-lasting.

Our leather satchels are worn across the shoulder, just as traditional satchels were designed to be worn. However, we soon realised that the classic satchel could be elevated into something much more suitable for heavy books.

From this, we created The Batchel, which is quite simply our leather satchel but with a top handle added, much like a briefcase. This became our most popular bag, but it was missing one thing: two shoulder straps for backpack lovers! The Batchel Backpack was born: the perfect schoolbag.

By turning our satchel into a backpack, we’ve made carrying heavy books to and from school that little bit easier. You may be young, but trust us, your back will thank you in the long run!

Although we recommend our 14 Inch Batchel Backpack as the ideal bag for school, any of our leather backpacks would be a great companion to carry your schoolbooks. However, we would suggest opting for the styles that are bigger in size, just to be sure.

Does it look good?

All our backpacks on offer are perfect unisex styles, which offer great amounts of space to carry your notebooks and pens in style.

Our leather backpacks come in a range of different styles and sizes to suit anyone and everyone. Our most popular styles are The Portrait Backpacks for both men and women, and indeed our Small Portrait Backpack in Black was sported by everyone’s favourite goth in the Netflix series, Wednesday.

The colour variations on offer mean you can choose a leather schoolbag that really represents you. You can even get most of our leather backpacks embossed with your initials or a pre-made symbol to make it even more personal!