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Sneak Peek! Meet us at The Coast

As the sky starts to lighten and the first murmurs of spring are slowly starting to emerge, we’ve been dreaming of swishing waves and soft golden sand. Come rain or shine, you can soon meet us at the coastline… here’s a sneak peek of the colours you’ll see in our brand new collection, coming soon!

Something blue…

Calm as the swish of the foam bubbling on the shore, this colour is inspired by the quiet moment following the crash of ocean waves breaking. Picture the clearest of seas and let your new bag take you there!

An ocean teal…

The most brilliant teal-blue: refreshing but warm and so inviting you could almost swim in it. Complete with a textured Matte Celtic Grain finish, this colour reflects all the sand, sea and rocks that make up an idyllic coastal lagoon.

A sandy hue…

A warm, sandy hue mimicking the calm sheltered bays that lie on the coast. Completed with an elegant Matte finish, who wouldn’t covet this gorgeous pastel yellow?

Inspired by the clear seas, the waves and the textured ragged rocks that make up every coastline, this collection encapsulates the permanent beauty of hidden spots on the quietest beaches. Dive in and choose from muted sandy shades or vivid ocean blues to bring tranquility with you wherever you go. Sign up here to be the first to view the collection!