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5 Ways to Wear A Cambridge Satchel Co. Leather Bag

One of the many things we love about our leather bags is the fact you can style them in different ways to suit your individual style. Our aim is to create bags that last a lifetime, and because you...

By Grace Harper

Posted on 25 Apr 2023 11:16

5 Ways to Wear A Cambridge Satchel Co. Leather Bag - Cambridge Satchel

One of the many things we love about our leather bags is the fact you can style them in different ways to suit your individual style.

Our aim is to create bags that last a lifetime, and because your style is likely to evolve over the years, this means being able to adapt your bag to how you look throughout your life. That’s why we have come up with a few fun ways in which you could style your bag.

Do you wear your bag in a way that’s a little different and want to share it with us? Tag us on Instagram with #WearItYourWayCSC (this will also enter you into our competition to win a second bag from us!).

Below, we’ve listed out some of the different ways we wear our Cambridge Satchel bags:

1. Add a scarf.

With spring upon us, you might be looking for new ways to add a pop of colour to your bag. We’ve added a beautiful, printed scarf with a small selection of our leather bags.

Simply wrap the scarf around the handle of one of our Bowls Bags to give it a little something extra. Notice how the Racing Green complements the contrasting pink tones within this scarf.

The Bowls Bag with a beautiful scarf wrapped around the handle for a different style

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Why not tie your scarf around the opening of The Isla to add an extra chic touch? You can pair almost any scarf with this bag, thanks to the beautiful dark navy finish.

The Isla with a scarf tied around the opening of the bag to style it differently

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There is no way we could forget one of our best-selling leather handbags, The Pushlock. We didn’t think that anything could make this bag more elegant, but we were happy to be proven wrong!

We’ve wrapped the scarf around the handle of this handbag to create a pop of colour - and quite frankly, we’re in love with the result.

Leather handbag with scarf wrapped around the handle, hanging of the banisters of some stairs

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2. One shoulder Bowls Bag

With its unique shape, The Bowls Bag has become one of our best-selling leather bags. Based on a traditional antique Bowls Bag from the 1930s, we have updated it to become the standout bag it is today.

You can wear The Bowls Bag in a range of different ways. Thanks to its top handle, it can be held as a handbag, or it can be worn crossbody via its detachable strap.

Below, we’ve attached the detachable strap onto just one of the clasps to lengthen it and allow it to be worn on one shoulder, making it easier to slip on and off if you’re in a rush.

The Bowls Bag being worn on one shoulder as opposed to cross body

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3. One for the Zoey 101 fans…?

Let’s take it back to the early 2000s, and more specifically 2005, when Zoey 101 graced our TVs!

We’re not ashamed to admit that we were a little jealous of Zoey’s key necklace. Well, did you know that with every one of our Sophie bags, you can find a little key inside?

This key isn’t just for show; it will lock up your Sophie and keep its contents secure. We were inspired by Zoey and thought: why not add it to a chain and make this little key a stylish accessory?

A close up shot of The Sophie with it's handle encasing a worn necklace with the key attached to it

Please note the gold chain is not included when purchasing The Sophie.

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4. Turn your Cambridge Satchel Co. bag into a bum bag this festival season

With summer fast approaching, that only means one thing. Festival season is around the corner, and with that comes the annual return of the bum bag!
We’ve used The Pushlock’s detachable strap to place the bag around our hips to sit like a bum bag.

Hide the crossover of the straps under the top of the bag and use the fastener to secure it to your waist.

We’ve highlighted the steps below so you’re able to follow along:

1. Wrap the detachable strap around your waist and pull through the clasps

The Pushlock bag has been attached around the waist of the model, using the detachable strap as a belt

2. Cross the straps over each other and clip them onto the opposite rings to secure the bag to your waist.

The Pushlock straps have been threaded through the two bronze connectors and crossed over under the opening of the bag

3. Clip each side of the strap onto the relevant rings.

Close up shot of the detachable strap being attached to opposite closings to show how it can be secured

4. Once both sides have been fastened on, you can close the bag.

An image showing the detachable strap being fastened on

5. You now have the summer festival bag of your dreams!

The Pushlock has now been fastened around the models waist and is sitting like a bum bag ready for a festival

5. Add a Mini Purse for the essentials you need to grab easily.

Clip your Mini Purse to your bag’s detachable strap to be able to access the essentials with ease.

Maybe you’re on your way to a festival and want your tickets to be easily accessible.

You might have been out with your friends during the day and need your go-to essentials right there with you.

Our Mini Purses are available in a range of different colours – why not mix and match them and brighten up your outfit this summer?

Close up shot of the Mini Purse being attached to the detachable strap on one of our leather bags

Close up shot of mini purse being attached the detachable straps of our leather bags

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By Grace Harper

Posted on 25 Apr 2023 11:16