Cambridge Satchel embossing

Make It Personal

Make It Personal by Millie Burl By Millie Burl

You’ve chosen the perfect bag, you’ve picked the most beautiful colour. And yet the fun doesn’t stop there! We truly believe that a bag should be something that reflects who you are. After all, it will carry your keys, your book, your laptop - but also your memories, your present experiences and your future ambitions - for a very long time. That’s why we think that our personalised embossing service is the most fantastic of ways to make your bag unique to you. Consider this example - one of our all-time favourites:

Welsh choir music bag


We were delighted to emboss a Welsh choir’s music bags with lines from a song very dear to them. What a joy to have a fragment of a melody in hand, glinting in gold, every time you meet with your musical community.

Cambridge Satchel Embossing


Of course, lyrics aren’t our only offering. Our makers have every letter and a plethora of symbols up their sleeve to add a finishing touch to your bag - available in gold, silver and black colours or blind embossing if you want something more subtle. Just look at the difference here! Blind initials crowned with gold.

Cambridge Satchel Embossing


Feeling inspired yet? We know that, like a tattoo, embossing is a big decision as it’s with you for life. That’s why we have arranged for the service to be available to you when you buy your bag, or as a later consideration. If you opt for no embossing at first, but then change your mind, just pop into one of our shops or send your bag to our workshop, where we will add your lettering or symbol by hand. Our makers will use a vintage blocking and embossing press to make your bag even more beautiful. 

Cambridge Satchel Embossing


And finally, because Cambridge is our home, we just have to let you know about our popular bike symbol, embossed at no extra cost. Cambridge is in the name… why not have it in the design, too? We’ve got it, but it’s up to you to flaunt it.

Cambridge Satchel Embossing


So, to the Welsh choirs, the bona fide bicycle fans and those who just love to make their bags truly theirs (who doesn’t?) - we can’t wait to see what you do with them!