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Cambridge Satchel - Charlotte Jacklin Of Betty Magazine
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Making Christmas Traditions With Charlotte Jacklin Of Betty Magazine

Mince pies, untangling fairy lights, old Christmas tunes playing all December long, spending time with love...
Pretendmas: On Christmas + Urban 'Family' Traditions
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Pretendmas: On Christmas + Urban 'Family' Traditions

I don’t know why we started doing it. I think I had a sudden hankering for Christmas decadence, the year I ...
1920s glamour – the Inspiration Behind Our 2017 Christmas Collection
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1920s glamour – the Inspiration Behind Our 2017 Christmas Collection

Those with a keen eye for design may have noticed an Art Deco theme running through our collections this ye...
Cambridge Satchel - Quality Products
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Quality Products That Everyone Can Afford

When I started The Cambridge Satchel Company back in 2008 I had a vision to bring back the classic British ...
Cambridge Satchel - #CSCspotted
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#CSCspotted: Jordan Bunker

If you’re a style-conscious gent, then chances are you’ll be familiar with the always impeccably turned-out...
Cambridge Satchel - Behind the Scenes at CSC
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Behind the Scenes at CSC: Introducing our ‘Blogger in Residence’

Here at The Cambridge Satchel Company, we like to do things a little differently. From the way we first sta...
Cambridge Satchel - Autumn Bucket List
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Our Autumn Bucket List

We don’t like to play favourites, but autumn might just be our favourite season of them all. From the leave...
Cambridge Satchel - Competition Time
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Competition Time: #CSCcampus

COMPETITION EXTENDED: Ends 31st October. Take for example our classic satchel bags: we know you need a bag ...
Cambridge Satchel - Behind The Scenes At London Fashion Week
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Behind The Scenes At London Fashion Week With Chloe Bloch, Style Editor At Glamour Magazine

We asked our friend Chloe, Glamour Magazine’s Style Editor, to take us behind the scenes at London Fashion ...
Cambridge Satchel - Autumn Giveaway
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Autumn Giveaway With Pure Collection

This season, we’re partnering with our friends at Pure Collection – purveyors of the finest cashmere at se...
Cambridge Satchel - Downing Street
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Downing Street And The Inspiration Behind Our New-Season Collection

Here in England, we may be clinging to the last glorious days of summer, but a new season is merely around...
Cambridge Satchel - Newest Style
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Introducing Our Newest Style: The Conductor's Bag

Here at The Cambridge Satchel Company, many of our bags are often inspired by nostalgic designs from the pa...
Cambridge Satchel -Cambridge University Collaboration
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Our Founder Julie Chats About Our New Cambridge University Collaboration.

It’s almost impossible to talk about our hometown of Cambridge without referencing the University.
Cambridge Satchel - When CSC Met Brompton
Best of British, CSC Insider, Things We Love

When CSC Met Brompton

When you think of Cambridge, you think of cycling, that’s why our logo features a hand drawn bicycle. We c...
Cambridge Satchel - Fortnum & Mason
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Fortnum & Mason - Complimentary Personality Event

We’re very proud to now be stocking our bags in Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly. Established in 1707, Fo...
Cambridge Satchel - #CSCXBROMPTON
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#CSCXBrompton Behind The Scenes

To launch our brand new collaboration with British brand Brompton, manufacturer of the iconic folding bike...